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Xtrapolate Video

Seamlessly delivering multi-platform video inventory

No flash? No problem

Get high-impact, engaging video ads onto smartphones
in significant volumes, at a cost-effective price

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Publishers want to harness their growing mobile traffic and maximise revenue from existing ad placements

Advertisers want more video inventory

Seamlessly deliver ‘traditional’ desktop video inventory across additional platforms i.e. smartphone devices

Address existing smartphone UX hurdles i.e. compatibility issues, error messages, overly-intrusive ads

Xtrapolate Video opens up video advertising across mobile

Xtrapolate Video seamlessly delivers the ‘traditional’ desktop video inventory that clients crave, across smartphone devices, without common UX gripes like compatibility issues, error messages and overly-intrusive ads

VideoAds are fully integrated with Xtrapolate’s existing optimisation technology suite, ensuring that all ad placements benefit from the latest algorithm and external variable driven technology

  • High-impact
  • Traditional video
  • Works across all devices
  • Non-intrusive
  • Cost-effective
  • Fully integrated