PPC advertising in live bidding environments is extremely competitive and time consuming to set-up. Done well and tracked against outcomes it can be highly effective, only displaying adverts to people who are looking for exactly what you offer and only paying when they show an interest through their click.

We use previous experience, thorough research and large concatenation exercises to produce huge permutations and combinations of the target language as an advertising triggers targeted locally. We build iterations of adverts both display and text, then use the most successful adverts to build out the campaigns and feedback insight on what makes your audience tick.

Client profile

Lang Lang on behalf of OMD

Lang Lang, the world-renowned Chinese pianist and United Nations Messenger of Peace, has a charitable foundation offering scholarships and mentoring to young people, training them as global ambassadors.


Allianz sponsored a talent competition to recruit for the foundation culminating in an event in Munich this Christmas. We were asked to attract applicants from the UK, France, Germany and South Korea between the ages of 6-16. These young individuals were to have significant musical talent but not be in the recognised tutoring system.

Our Approach

We researched the music pieces for exam gradings in each country as well as musicians, musical instruments and niche music sites, specific groups on Youtube, and Facebook likes/groups, to target young people and their parents.


We delivered 20,000 visits to the campaign and there were over 5000 entrants to the competition for mentorship. The competition was massively over subscribed.