Email Marketing

We have our own bulk email platform compatible with most CRM’s either ready to go such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce or through an API. Our GUI is one of the most advanced, allowing super easy click-and-play for even the most advanced features.

Email is a key form of communication with companies often driving 20-30% or turnover through their email lists

Email is increasingly challenging with lower open rates and near 90% of emails sent being stopped as SPAM, we manage sender reputation, whitelisting with all major ISPs, and offer unique IPs. 

Client profile

Conrad Electronics

Conrad is Germany’s largest electronics retailer and has a huge online offering throughout Europe. We looked at all areas of marketing but email was an important piece of the picture.


To both attract new purchasers and keep existing users coming back with clean data.


Our approach was to review a top to bottom use of email across the following points:

  • Data capture -  ensuring good open, registration, and purchase rates with insight
  • Data segmentation - for customisation of messaging, and relevancy to keep open rates high
  • Sender reputation management - working on a unique IP, monitoring the reputation and employing best practice
  • Data cleanse - for all managed lists
  • Creative templates - A/B tested across all major platforms and devices
  • Email automation - on areas such as complementary products, abandoned shopping carts, offers, and new products
  • Customised emails - sales offers or seasonal messaging


We collect a lot of data during our campaigns and encourage our clients to do the same. This can then be used for insight and planning future campaigns. The result is what works, what does not, and why.

Example campaign: targeting lapsed Runescape 2 user accounts re-ignited 12% more accounts than would usually return, but also the average return to game is 26 days earlier. The campaign outcome was a redemption rate of 19% so for every £10,000 spent on marketing £11,900 is generated in game spend over a 6 month period.